What do I Need to know about Online Gaming

Games are not only fun, they can improve mental acuity, hand-eye coordination and reduce stress. But playing to excess can cause behavioural or health problems just like any addiction.

If your kids are playing online, you might want to take extra precautions. That’s because they’ll be talking to others via chat or audio when playing. Parental controls in consoles and PCs can’t monitor these conversations.

Thankfully, some online gaming sites for youngsters have moderators who monitor activities. You should also talk to your kids about the pitfalls. Most games have a content classification so you can judge their suitability.

Here’s some tips to get the best from online gaming. Nowadays, you can play all sorts of games online. By yourself, with a few friends, or with hundreds of others. In fact, some games are only played online.

If you’re thinking of joining the online gaming community, first consider which platform to use.

What’s better – gaming console or PC? The debate still rages. Essentially, you have to decide what suits your individual needs. Some things to consider are:

If it is, a PC will offer you more choice. Bear in mind too that some games are console specific. A game on Play station may not be available on Xbox and Nintendo, and vice-versa.

Newer PCs can handle better resolutions and frame rates than consoles. The picture is gorgeous and you won’t suffer lag with intense game play, depending on your internet connection and PC’s capability.

Here, PCs have the advantage. Steam – the online gaming community for PC users – to play multiplayer is generally free without additional fees, after you purchase the game. Console players using Sony and Microsoft pay for additional online licences to play multiplayer games online with others on the same platform.

Good gaming PCs are expensive. You may also have to upgrade components as newer, more graphics-intensive games are released. Consoles are much cheaper and you don’t have to upgrade until a new model comes out.

Consoles are pretty much set and forget. A PC may require more upgrades, or experience software conflicts especially if you use it for other activities. Do you have the knowledge to fix it if it goes wrong?

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